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Support During the Holiday Season
Posted by Matt Pantoja on 25 November 2014 02:41 PM
To Our Clients:                                            

As the end of the year approaches and the Holidays begin, we hope that everyone is enjoying the season!

Our Support Ticketing System remains operational year round, but our office will be closed the following days:

  • November 27-28
  • December 24-25

While we do maintain limited after hours support for emergency situations on these days, we appreciate your understanding
as we may not be able to respond to non-emergency inquiries until we resume normal business operations. If you have a
question, you may be able to find the answer using our Troubleshooter Tools or on our Wiki page.

Thank you,

-Efelle Support Team

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Regarding the "POODLE" vulnerability
Posted by Matt Pantoja on 30 October 2014 04:10 PM
To Our Clients:                                            

Recently a vulnerability was found in the way web browsers establish secure connections with websites - it's commonly referred to as the POODLE vulnerability (more details). During the process where the most secure way of communication is determined, that both a visitor's browser and the web server support, it is possible for a 3rd party to intercept this data. This can then be used to capture any secure data that's submitted after that. 

The vulnerability is not specific to any one server platform or browser, but much more generic, and it affects all hosting companies out there today.

We are happy to report that we immediately went ahead and proactively updated all related software and disabled the affected security protocols that are vulnerable to these types of attacks. This means your website is secure and will not be affected by these types of attacks.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to
submit a support ticket.

Thank you,
~efelle support team

efelle creative
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Efelle CMS Update + Maintenance
Posted by Alison McKay on 27 July 2014 11:48 AM

Hello! This update is to let you know about some planned CMS maintenance this weekend.

In our efforts to continuously improve our services, we have recently engaged in a massive reimagining and building of our network infrastructure. This includes a better distributed network with additional load balancing appliances that will vastly improve your site’s performance on both the front end and back end, while distributed database appliances guarantee maximum uptime with optimal performance.

The first step in this process is moving our CMS to a new server. Your site will not be affected, but we'd like to ask that you remain out of the CMS during the following timeframe: 

Sunday night after midnight, from 12:01AM -- 4:00 AM (technically early Monday AM, 07/28/2014) 

The next step in this process is moving your site. We will be in touch in the coming weeks to inform you of your site's move and coordinate any changes with you, if necessary. 

Regarding the CMS move:
We've planned this maintenance overnight to reduce any impact on use of your CMS, and your CMS should accessible as normal after the move on Monday morning. If you do run into trouble accessing the CMS on Monday morning, you may need to flush your computer's DNS to access the new DNS of the CMS. 

How to flush your computer's DNS (Windows):

  1. Close all browsers
  2. Go to the Windows start menu, and in the "search programs" box type: CMD followed by enter. This will start the Windows command prompt. Alternatively, if this does not work, you should be able to find a link for the command prompt under Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Command Prompt 
  3. Type the following, followed by enter: IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS
  4. Close the command prompt
  5. Open a new browser and open your site
  6. Do a hard/force refresh (hold down Ctrl and click the "Refresh" button)

If you run into trouble after flushing your computer's DNS, please submit a ticket to our support system and we'll address your issue right away. 

Thank you! 

-efelle creative support team

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Moving CMS to Upgraded Server
Posted by Alison McKay on 15 May 2014 11:24 AM

Hi, just want to let you know that we're moving our CMS to an upgraded server. You may experience intermittent slowness and connectivity issues as we make the transition, but you can continue to use your CMS and make updates during this time. The move should be completed early this afternoon. We will provide an update when this transition is complete.


The CMS move is complete and speeds are back to normal. Please submit a ticket if you run into any errors or issues. 

Thank you, 

-efelle creative support team

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Efelle Site and CMS Update
Posted by Alison McKay on 14 May 2014 04:44 PM

Hi, posting a quick update on the server speeds.

We’re sorry for the sporadic load times. We have been monitoring and making adjustments to our systems, but while working on upgrading and troubleshooting one of our servers (CloudServer02), we’ve decided to retire it in favor of moving clients to some new hardware. Over the last few days, we've moved many sites off of CloudServer02 and onto new, upgraded servers. 
The final few sites on CloudServer02 are being transitioned to a new, upgraded server in the next few days while we retire the current machine – if we don’t have access to your DNS to change the IP of your site, we will reach out to you to coordinate this as we move your site over. 
Thanks for your patience during this upgrade, customer service is very important to us and we have been working hard to handle the speed fluctuations as they come up. Please accept this server upgrade as our thanks for being a great client.
Fred Lebhart
206.384.4909 (office number)

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